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My name is Hannah Roy and I'm so happy you're here! My passion for fitness started in 2020, and I slowly started falling in love with the way working out and eating healthy made me feel! However, something was still missing… I went through a lot of struggles during my fitness journey, but the biggest struggle was that I left God out of it. God wants to be a part of everything in your life, including your health. Now that God is included in every part of my life, I get to honor him with my health! I get to praise Him and thank Him! Living healthy is so much more fulfilling now! The Lord laid on my heart to share what I have learned with other women in the world who are struggling with the same things I did. And so by the Grace of God he has allowed me to create this health coaching business where I help women learn to honor God by creating healthy lifestyles. I am so beyond thankful and blessed to have this opportunity.

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My 1:1 coaching program called Faithful & Fit is designed To help you learn to live a healthy lifestyle. You will learn how To fuel you body and have food freedom! You will learn A form of exercise you love and works for you! You will get Stronger, mentally, physically and spiritually!

We will be building Your confidence in the Lord in this program! All of my coaching Is done from a Biblical perspective! As the Lord has called us As Godly women to live healthy lifestyles and there is so much scripture to back that up! And I can't wait to dig into that scripture with you! I am so excited and thankful you are interested in my coaching! I am already praying for you! If you are interested in taking this next step for your health and wellness journey and your relationship with Christ, click the button below and let's get on a call and see if you're a good fit for my program!

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